Pokes No. 11 In Coaches Poll, OU Finishes No. 3

Oklahoma State finished No. 11 in the final Coaches Poll of the season which is exactly where it finished in the final AP Poll. OU, on the other hand, moved up to No. 3 (!) in the final Coaches Poll while Washington and USC rounded out the top five. I think it’s pretty hilarious that OU finished ahead of Ohio State in both polls even though they finished with the same record.
Here is the full Coaches Poll. The only difference between this and the AP Poll within the top 14 is OU and USC being flipped. It’s weird to think about either of them finishing as the No. 3 team in the nation because of the way they both started, but I suppose a case can be made for both.

Speaking of USC, since 2007 here is their record compared to Oklahoma State’s.
USC: 94-37
Oklahoma State: 93-37
That’s pretty amazing.

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