Potential Head Coach Tracker – Week 5

No one knows what Jeff Long is thinking, but we’re keeping an eye on potential Beaty replacements throughout the season.

Standard Intro: As requested by the commentariat, I’ve put together a list of most of the potential head coaching candidates that we discussed here at RCT during the offseason. You can find the links to those articles here, and here is the first post and explanation for why so-and-so is or isn’t on the list.

Neal Brown’s Troy team continues to march through their schedule, while Eastern Michigan suffered yet another overtime defeat. That’s six OT games for Chris Creighton in the last two years, all losses.

Army picked up a rather impressive win considering what Buffalo has done so far this season. No doubt they were pissed about letting that Oklahoma game get away from them. Meanwhile, Seth Littrell and North Texas suffered their first defeat of 2018.

Of these 25 guys, only six have losing records after five weeks, which makes me think I’ve got some good candidates on here. Unfortunately, it looks like the dream Michigan firing Jim Harbaugh after an 8-5 season (or worse) is dead, but we’ll leave him on here for now.

Once again, in alphabetical order:

Once again, my personal list is as follows, in order of my favorites: Neal Brown, Jeff Tedford, Seth Littrell, Jeff Monken, Chris Creighton, Willie Fritz, Jason Candle, Tim Beck.

Names of coaches that are currently unemployed include Les Miles, Bret Bielema, and Todd Graham. It should also be noted that Bob Stitt, a dark-horse candidate in these circles the last time around, is currently an offensive analyst with Oklahoma State.

Source: Rock Chalk Talk