What if KU were in the PAC?

Forget everything, basketball included: What if KU were in the PAC?

Time to wrap up our series looking at how KU might fare in conferences across D1. We’ve looked at every G5 conference, and today we finish up our look at P5 conferences.

As always, we’ll use the F+ ratings available at FootballOutsiders.com. If you read up, the two components of F+ (S&P+ and FEI) both adjust for opponents and strength of schedule, so this should theoretically give us a pretty good idea of how well Kansas would fare outside of the Big 12.

By the numbers, KU would have just one conference win over the last five years, in 2013 against Cal. But, four out of the last five years, you could make a case for the Jayhawks having a decent shot against Colorado, as well as Oregon State in 2016 and 2014, and Arizona in 2016.

As for head to head matchups, KU hasn’t played a PAC school since 2001, when for some reason UCLA decided to visit Lawrence and took home a 41-17 victory. (Obviously, we’re excluding Colorado since they were a Big 12 team up until 2011.)

All-time, KU is 17-14-1 vs the PAC.

Source: Rock Chalk Talk