Snyder says team never gave up in Texas loss

Losing is never easy.

It’s even harder when it happens in double overtime, as it did Saturday to Kansas State, when it fell to Texas on the road 40-34. But after a difficult defeat, coach Bill Snyder says he simply does his job: He passes along words of encouragement while also pointing out what could have been better.

“There’s certain things we felt we needed to do during the course of the ball game, and part of it dealt with our approach, you know, the commitment to what we’re trying to do, the discipline, and the toughness it takes to bring about the kind of discipline that’s needed to play a game throughout the four quarters-plus,” Snyder said. “I shared with our players after the ball game, I don’t think anybody gave up. I appreciated the fact that our youngsters fought back when the tide turned, as it did. So that was pleasing and encouraging.”

Trent Tanking, a senior linebacker who tied for the game-high 11 tackles, was straightforward about where Saturday’s loss put the team through five games.

“Well, we’re 3-2 against two top-10 teams,” Tanking said. “We can’t dwell on this long. We have to turn around and watch this game (Sunday) and turn our focus on TCU on Monday.”

And Tanking is eager for that opportunity against the Horned Frogs, who enter Saturday’s game 5-0 and ranked No. 6 in the latest Associated Press poll.

“I can’t wait to come home and be in front of a lot purple again,” he said. “Texas had 100,000 fans. Just hearing that, I can’t wait to play a home game.”

Until Saturday arrives, however, junior Abdul Beecham said the Wildcats need to continue focusing on cleaning up their mistakes. The good thing is, Beecham said, is that their miscues are easily correctable.

“We have to execute,” said Beecham, a junior. “We have the plays called up. You know, we have to just go out there and do it.”

For sophomore quarterback Alex Delton, who excelled after coming on in relief of injured starter Jesse Ertz in the third quarter Saturday, the loss was devastating.

“We gave it everything we had,” Delton said. “Any time you take an ‘L’ it is tough. It’s not easy to handle it. I feel like at this point we have to move forward. We can’t focus on the negative too much.”

That positive, future-centric mindset is exactly the one senior defensive end Tanner Wood had already set upon as soon as Saturday’s game ended.

“We just have to forget about (the losses) and keep rowing the boat and working forward,” he said. “There is a lot of season left and we can win them all.”

Source: The Mercury

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