Two Boats Medal, Wildcats Place Third at Big 12 Rowing Championship

MANHATTAN, Kan. – The Kansas State women’s rowing team recorded two medal performances from the 1v4+ and 2v8+ boats that led to the Wildcats earning 91 points and placing third as a team, as K-State finished off their season at the Big 12 Rowing Championship on Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, Tennessee on Sunday.
“We wanted all of the boats to be in a chance to medal, and our two boats that did medal did a great job of going out and getting it,” Sweeney said. “I was pleased with how they raced and put it all together.”
Among the Big 12 Conference schools, K-State placed third overall with 91 points, finishing behind Big 12 Champion Texas (137 points) and Oklahoma (106 points). The finish marks the third-straight third place finish for the Wildcats after finishing third with 99 points a season ago.
In addition to the team placing, two Wildcats, senior Elaina Grantham and junior Mikaela Bennett were named to the All-Big 12 Rowing team for the first time in their careers.

Competing in straight finals on Sunday, K-State earned their top performance from the Wildcat 2v8+ boat of coxswain Allie Kleinsmith and rowers Marisa Rodriguez, Taylor Hartman, Natasha Johnson, Jordan Lund, Megan Michaelis, Maya Morrow, Megan Chrisco and Rachel Haskell which put together a hard-fought performance to place second overall in the Second Eight Finals in 6:51.35.
The Wildcats edged out Alabama and Oklahoma, finding the boat’s best finish at the Big 12 Championship since 2014 and their second-straight year of medaling at the championship.

In the race prior, K-State earned their first medal of the day in the First Four Final, where the Wildcat boat of coxswain Kaitlyn Henke and rowers Kaylin Edwards, Selena Wapelhorst, Logan Frost and Abigail Dressler fought to the finish to place third overall in 7:43.71. The finish by the 1v4+ was also the boats best finish since 2014, where the Wildcats also earned bronze.
In the Third Eight Final, the Wildcat 3v8+ boat of coxswain Morgan Thompson and rowers Samantha Samskey, Madison Rebel, Elizabeth Mummert, Megan Kelly, Ellie Hahn, Elizabeth Sloan, Kate Odgers and Delaney Bird placed fifth overall, finishing with a time of 7:05.73.
In the Second Four Final, K-State recorded a sixth-place finish by crossing the line in 7:59.04, with the boat made up of coxswain Kylee Stec and rowers Molly Ross, Nikole Cain, Leah Gaines and Aubrey Gilchrist.
The Wildcats finished off the Big 12 Championship with the First Eight Final, where the Wildcat boat of coxswain Emily Johnson and rowers Taylor Flowers, Elaina Grantham, Grace Reilly, Kennedy Felice, Madison Jensen, Mikaela Bennett, Mattie Warner and Caroline Geither placed sixth in 6:53.63.
“They (the team) could have fallen apart, but they actually have shown a lot of strength individually and as a team,” Sweeney said of the team handling adversity. “Coming together and supporting each other, they pushed each other all season long and it has been a really successful season.”

The Big 12 Championship marks the final race of the season, as K-State concludes a successful campaign that saw the Wildcats sweep the Sunflower Showdown and record numerous top-finishes throughout the season.
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Big 12 Championship
Melton Hill Lake
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Third Varsity 8+
1. Texas, 6:42.10; 2. Alabama, 6:56.37; 3. Oklahoma, 6:58.10; 4. Tennessee, 7:01.62; 5. Kansas State, 7:05.73; 6. Kansas, 7:16.43; 7. West Virginia, 7:39.00.
Second Varsity 4+
1. Texas, 7:28.13; 2. Oklahoma, 7:33.65; 3. Alabama, 7:42.46; 4. Kansas, 7:53.81; 5. Tennessee, 7:57.77; 6. Kansas State, 7:59.04; 7. West Virginia, 8:04.86.
First Varsity 4+
1. Texas, 7:31.33; 2. Alabama, 7:38.41.6; 3. Kansas State, 7:43.71; 4. Oklahoma, 7:44.62; 5. Tennessee, 7:45.76; 6. Kansas, 7:55.01; 7. West Virginia, 8:10.37
Second Varsity 8+
1. Texas, 6:38.43; 2. Kansas State, 6:51.35; 3. Alabama, 6:52.63; 4. Oklahoma, 6:54.21; 5. Kansas, 6:58.46; 6. Tennessee, 7:01.13; 7. West Virginia, 7:29.97
First Varsity 8+
1. Texas, 6:25.87; 2. Oklahoma, 6:40.58; 3. Alabama, 6:43.05; 4. Kansas, 6:46.15; 5. Tennessee, 6:46.80; 6. Kansas State, 6:53.63; 7. West Virginia, 7:06.75.
Final Scores
Texas – 137
Oklahoma – 106
Kansas State – 91
Kansas – 82
West Virginia – 49
K-State Lineups
First Varsity Eight
Cox: Emily Johnson, 8. Taylor Flowers, 7. Elaina Grantham 6. Grace Reilly, 5. Kennedy Felice, 4. Madison Jensen, 3. Mikaela Bennett, 2. Mattie Warner, 1. Caroline Geither.
Second Varsity Eight
Cox: Allie Kleinsmith, 8. Marisa Rodriguez, 7. Taylor Hartman, 6. Natasha Johnson, 5. Jordan Lund, 4. Megan Michaelis, 3. Maya Morrow, 2. Megan Chrisco, 1. Rachel Haskell.
Third Varsity Eight
Cox: Morgan Thompson, 8. Samantha Samskey, 7. Madison Rebel, 6. Elizabeth Mummert, 5. Megan Kelly, 4. Ellie Hahn, 3. Elizabeth Sloan, 2. Kate Odgers, 1. Delaney Bird.
First Varsity Four
Cox: Kaitlyn Henke, 4. Kaylin Edwards, 3. Selena Wapelhorst, 2. Logan Frost, 1. Abigail Dressler.
Second Varsity Four
Cox: Kylee Stec, 4. Molly Ross, 3. Nikole Cain, 2. Leah Gaines, 1. Aubrey Gilchrist.

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Source: Kansas State Sports