Daily Bullets (Aug. 12): Run/Pass Ratios Under Gundy, Tylan’s Trick Catch Capacity

“You never really know about a quarterback until he plays in a real game.”
– Mike Singletary

Bullets Rundown

• Gundy’s offensive reality – more run or pass?
• Tylan’s one-handed snags
• Stamford Rose is blooming again

OSU Bullets

• Mike Gundy has generally held that he wants to run the ball more than pass it. Oklahoma State nationally is perceived as a high-flying offense – which one is reality?

This may come to you as a surprise but last season Oklahoma State ran the football 518 times and attempted only 493 passes, yes, the Cowboys spread ran more than it threw. The yardage wasn’t close as the Pokes rushed for 2,474-yards and gained 4,028-yards through the air.

It might surprise you but only in 2015 and the Dana Holgorsen-led offenses in 2011 and 2010 have the Cowboys thrown more times than they have run it. Head coach Mike Gundy is not kidding when he says he prefers to run the football. [GoPokes]

Gundy has it out for a perfect balance to keep defenses guessing on their heels. It’s generally felt like OSU was more lethal through the air but the Pokes have insisted on running – it’s just surprising to hear it’s been so predominantly more run than pass. 

• A fantastic one-handed catch Tylan Wallace made as a freshman was recently highlighted in an ESPN piece – enjoy relieving this 2017 grab at Pittsburgh.

Wallace was a freshman with one catch to his name when he made his spectacular grab against Pitt in 2017. He got jammed at the line and was slow getting downfield. His route was lackluster. Truth is, he said, he didn’t know what he was doing. The throw from QB Taylor Cornelius would’ve been on the money if Wallace had run his route precisely, but instead it was long. Wallace reached out, tipped the ball just a bit, then hauled it in.

“It looked like a lucky thing,” Wallace said. [ESPN]

The piece was solid – honing in on how receivers are majoring in the one-handed grab as it highlights their talents well.

• It looks like James Washington is back to his old ways after a promising pre-season opener over the weekend.

By the time the first half was over, Washington had pulled in four receptions for 84 yards from five targets, with all four receptions resulting in a first down or touchdown. Two of those receptions were on throws 20-plus yards downfield, but he also picked up a first down after the catch on the underneath throw.

It could have been an even better performance if he had managed to get both feet in bounds on the first end-zone target, but it was a really nice performance as he battles to make an impact for the Steelers in 2019. [PFF]

• Good piece here with Jenni Carlson profiling Cowboy great Mickey Tettleton – on some of his times in Stillwater and what he’s up to now

• There appears to be some finagling of future schedules for Cowboy Footballprimarily along the lines of the mid-tier (Group of Five opponents) or lower-tier games (FCS schools)

Dez Bryant wants to head back to the Big Easy when he’s back in action after the Achilles injury

• Let’s get that next-level wrestling facility sponsored by Wrangler and Mossy Oak.

Non-OSU Bullets

• I’ll wrap up this classic read today and by far and away, I struggle most with “giving my autobiography” as opposed to empathic listening – great article on the topic here

• This NYT piece gives a fantastic explanation of how the PGA’s FedEx Cup will be wrapped up (starting yesterday) and how it changed to be easier to understand

• Finished this read on a Silicon Valley startup (Theranos) that had a valuation climb into the billions – but had no substance to the essential product. If you like Michael Lewis’ stuff (probably more the financial reads) or Silicon Valley, you’d really enjoy it.

This doesn’t seem like the worst idea somebody’s ever had.

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