Daily Bullets (Aug. 20): 8-4 or 6-6?

It’s a new school year in Stillwater, 2019-2020 should be a fun one. 

Bullets Rundown

• Will the Pokes be closer to 6-6 or 8-4 this fall?
• Rudolph or Weeden
• OkSU’s defense > OrSU’s defense

OSU Bullets

• I’m not nearly this pessimistic about the Cowboys this year but it’s interesting to hear the argument for 6-6 over 8-4.

The second tier in the Big 12 has continued to improve and I’m not sure that Oklahoma State has. Plus, they play those three teams, Baylor, Iowa State and TCU in a row in late October and early November, which is a really tough stretch that will determine what kind of season the Pokes are going to have. Ultimately, 6-6 feels far more likely to me than 8-4. [HCS]

I think you’ll see the Pokes stop being so wildly inconsistent this year regardless of the quarterback – I expect them to beat and lose to who they should this year… and I’ll say they finish closer to eight wins than six.

• Here’s a bit more of a reflective thought – who would you rather have: Mason Rudolph or Brandon Weeden? 

The most important of the Gundy-coached Cowboys?

The most impactful?

That would be Weeden, who combined the maturity of having been an older QB with the best arm talent in OSU history. He was 26 when he became the starter.

“Mason is the more decorated player because (he was a three-year starter),” Gundy said, “but Weeden vaulted himself into being a face of Oklahoma State football.” [TulsaWorld]

Mike Gundy kind of answered the question a bit differently but while Rudolph filled up stat sheets and record books, Weeden changed the face of the program.

• You might have heard that Oregon State (who the Pokes open with one week from Friday) had a bad defense last year – well, this statistic about them was troubling.

Oregon State’s defense is far from a finished product. The Beavers failed to hold a conference opponent to fewer than 500 yards last season, giving up an average of 45.7 points and 536.8 yards per game-129th in the nation. [Yahoo Sports]

Sure, going on the road to play a Power Five opponent isn’t ideal for breaking in a quarterback… But doesn’t the above statistic encouraging?

• I’m curious to see who wins between Bryce Bray and Dylan Galloway for the left tackle spot

• Berry Tramel doesn’t have Barry Sanders as his greatest Cowboy ever and has Emmanuel Ogbah over Mason Rudolph

Non-OSU Bullets

• I have no idea why this is a thing but a Japanese restaurant employs only servers with dementia – the emotional impact facing realities of life while intentionally having customers experiencing the full breadth of the menu regardless of what they ordered. Heaven forbid impatient customers like this eat there.

• Really liked this faith-based read on how gratitude leads to joy

• This was an interesting explanation of why In-N-Out hasn’t expanded as much over the years:

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