Daily Bullets (Aug. 21): Justice Hill Breaking the Mold (Again), Two QB Battle Scenarios

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Bullets Rundown

• Justice Hill update from the Ravens
• Two scenarios for the QB battle
• Old friend J.D. King got good news

OSU Bullets

Justice Hill has been difficult to figure out as to what kind of NFL running back he can be. But it looks like the Baltimore Ravens will be pleasantly surprised with what they’ve got.

The Ravens have been pleasantly surprised that Hill isn’t a one-dimensional runner. Even though he lacks prototypical size, Hill is fearless running in between the tackles.

On Hill’s first touchdown, Hill broke a leg tackle before lowering his left shoulder and powering his way into the end zone from 1 yard out. Perhaps Hill be more than specialized running back like Sproles.

“I don’t think he’s the guy that you just go, ‘Oh, the ‘toss guy’ is in the game. Watch for the toss,’” offensive coordinator Greg Roman said. [ESPN]

• This seems like a fair take on the two scenarios playing out in the QB battle.

At QB Gundy seems resigned for now to playing with both QBs and extending the competition. There are two good interpretations for what’s going on there.

Interpretation 1: Dru Brown is good but they want Spencer Sanders to take over the job and he’s still learning how to maestro the HUNH offense.

Interpretation 2: Dru Brown ain’t that good but Spencer Sanders isn’t ready to be a field general. [Concerning Sports]

I like that both takes account for Spencer Sanders’ talent and the general belief that he’s the long-term solution – I think that seems to be the only understood constraint in the situation.

Or I suppose there’s some room in the middle between those two. Perhaps Brown is solid, if not good, but he just doesn’t give this team anywhere near the ceiling that a superior athlete like Sanders offers. [Concerning Sports]

• Here’s your feel-good story of the day: OSU helped J.D. King become immediately eligible at his new school.

…(S)traight out of the well hey, that sure was kind transfers news is this bit from Georgia Southern on Tuesday: OSU transfer running back J.D. King, with the help of Oklahoma State, has been granted a waiver that will allow him to play immediately this upcoming season despite playing at OSU last season. [PFB]

Noting that OSU’s athletic department filed a letter on behalf of King as a part of his appeal – a classy gesture for a group with nothing to gain for their efforts except for the welfare of their fellow man.

• Good read on the difficulty in evaluating quarterbacks was pretty eye opening

• Boone points to a disappointing reality – diminished player access. I get that these are college athletes and not professionals, there’s no rule for their availability.

I know everyone loves (*sarcastic remark) that the media continues to speculate with minimal new information. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear some new angles?

Non-OSU Bullets

• These digital minimalism-case studies are good and worth considering

• For you fantasy footballers – I like this zero running back strategy

• Good faith-based thoughts on why read more books

• Finished this sci-fi read earlier this week – perfect summer read

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