Daily Bullets (Aug. 27): A Fresh Look at Gleeson’s Story, Who’s Starting in Corvallis?

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Bullets Rundown

• A fresh look at Gleeson’s story
• Starting decision in Corvallis
• A look at where OSU fits in Big 12 tiers

OSU Bullets

• Highlighted among high impact offensive coordinators for 2019, Sean Gleeson’s story is both outrageous (Ivy to OSU?) and one worth putting stock in. 

Sean Gleeson (18), Oklahoma State. Arrives from: Princeton, which makes this one of the most intriguing job transitions in higher education in 2019. Takes over: an offense that will always be a Mike Gundy production, and almost always be explosive.

Imagine this: You’re from New Jersey; you attend elite Division III school Williams; you coach football, baseball and bowling at a Catholic high school in Jersey; you get a college job at Fairleigh Dickinson, then another at Princeton; and now all of a sudden you’re moving to Stillwater, Oklahoma. This is Gleeson’s life. At least in terms of offensive acumen, this seems like a fit — Gleeson coordinated a Princeton offense that scored 40 or more points eight times in 10 games last season. [Yahoo Sports]

It’s great to hear that outside parties think Gleeson and Gundy could be a fit (Gundeeson? Glundy?), it’ll be an interesting narrative to watch over the course of a season. My early prediction: it looks very similar to Yurich because I think Gundy weighs heavily in the process.

Has Mike Gundy decided on who will start against Oregon State? The early depth chart noted “Dru Brown or Spencer Sanders” with Brown listed first, I sort of assumed that meant him first.

On the Big 12 coaches teleconference call yesterday, Gundy shared some pointed remarks.

The first: Have you named a starting quarterback yet?

“We’re gonna do it later in the week,” Gundy said. “We haven’t done anything at this point. We’ve got a couple more practices we’re gonna take into account.”

With Gundy having no further media obligations before the season opener at 9:30 p.m. Friday night in Corvallis, Oregon, the likelihood of any public announcement of a starter before kickoff seems unlikely.

And the comment could simply mean he will announce to his team which player, either Dru Brown or Spencer Sanders, will take the first snaps against Oregon State. [NewsOK]

It’s reasonable to assume Brown starting, right? You go veteran first going into the power five road environment (and him being listed first doesn’t dissuade me). Of course, you’ll see Sanders with some regularity, it’s just a formality of who goes first.

• I liked this ranking of Big 12 teams in college football by a Big 12 writer – particularly where the Pokes fall in this ranking.

So the tiers would look like this:

Tier 1: Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa State

Tier 2: Oklahoma State, TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech

Tier 3: West Virginia, Kansas State

50 feet of crap…

Kansas [Concerning Sports]

My only gripe would be to domino Iowa State down a tier then knock Texas Tech down one more as well. We’ve seen what Texas Tech looks like without an offensive genius calling plays (looking at you Tuberville) and I’m dubious about Iowa State as the league adapts to their defense. Taking a bad team to good is very different from taking a good team to greatness.

• Former Cowboy (commit) Nick Starkel (that went to A&M) lost the starting quarterback battle at Arkansas to an SMU transfer

• ESPN’s beat writer for the Steelers points out that it looks like the Mason Rudolph has the No. 2 gig locked up in Pittsburgh:

• This on Ndamukong Suh’s dominant 2009 season at Nebraska was good

• The Oklahoman appears to have added their other beat writer for Cowboy sports, give the guy a follow for some Cowboy news

• This seems like a baseball fan’s dream come true.

Non-OSU Bullets

• Finished this football book yesterday about an SI journalist who played QB for the Detroit Lions one preseason in the ’60s – fantastic book, lots of fun for an NFL fan

• When saying the “wrong words” is the right thing to do

• As somebody prematurely graying, this faith-based read on a well-lived life was great

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