Daily Bullets (Aug. 29): Fantastic JamesOn Curry Update, OSU’s Going Six D-Backs in 2019

A shootout wouldn’t look best on the Cowboy defense tomorrow night but it would sure be fun.

Bullets Rundown

• JamesOn finds purpose in rural Oklahoma
• Justice’s complete running game is translating
• OSU changes its defense

OSU Bullets

• The JamesOn Curry article put out by ESPN‘s Royce Young yesterday was terrific. Great read for OSU fans on how the former Cowboy star has turned his life around and found purpose coaching in rural Oklahoma.

If the phone rang tomorrow and there was an offer, a tryout, a chance, would he consider leaving Drummond behind?

“No-pe,” he says, turning it into a two-syllable word to make it sound more convincing. “I like this. I like building. I like planting these seeds. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s the truth. This is something real. This has stability. I can do this for a long time.

“Would playing in the NBA bring peace of mind? No. Would I be rich as hell? Yeah. Maybe I could outshoot 80 percent of the guards in the NBA right this second. But would I personally be happy, every single day? This is where I want to be.” [ESPN]

The turning point in the story is when he finds his passion: coaching. Man, it’s a tough read until you get to that point though.

• The Baltimore Ravens are being confronted by the completeness of Justice Hill’s game – the paradox of being a 5’10”, 200-pound bruiser.

Everyone knew about the fourth-round pick out of Oklahoma State’s speed – he posted the fastest 40-yard dash time (4.4) among running backs at the NFL Combine in February – but his physicality belies his 5-foot-10, 200-pound frame.

“Hill’s speed offers a strong complement to the Ravens’ bruising ball-carriers, and in the preseason, he’s displayed signs that he can muscle through defenders, too,” Penn Live’s Aaron Kasinitz wrote. [BaltimoreRavens.com]

• A little “x’s and o’s” talk here on Cowboy defense – OSU is going a full-fledged dime package as their base defense with Malcolm Rodriguez popping into the starting lineup.

Nickel: Jarrick Bernard: 6-2, 195. Sophomore

Dime: Malcolm Rodriguez: 6-0, 205. Junior

Last year Rodriguez was Oklahoma State’s best run support safety and he played in the boundary much of the year. This year it seems that they’re going IT2 and will play him as a dime LB and this is reflected directly on their depth chart. This is a true dime, they’ll have six guys on the field that can credibly play a deep zone. [Concerning Sports]

The linked article looks at how the transition has become an epidemic worth following in the Big 12 – as OSU was just a small portion of the writeup.

P.S.: if you’re more interested in this type of chatter, Adam Lunt’s podcast is the place for you. It’s a treat that we have a football mind like his focusing just on OSU on a weekly basis.


• Cowboy Cross Country landed in the preseason top ten for this season

Here’s a preview for TOMORROW NIGHT’S OSU FOOTBALL GAME – sorry for shouting, can’t help it at this point

Non-OSU Bullets

• Like this guy’s tactics on developing virtues intentionally – funny idea but interested to try it out

• Watched The Wizard of Oz recently (one movie away from watching the top 100!), this piece looking at the life of the “wicked witch of the west” was good

• Obligatory faith-based reads here: first on overcoming anxiety and next on qualities/roles to cherish about being a dad (I’m glad the author voiced his opinion that every dad feels like his daughter(s) is the prettiest)

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