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A Rising Tide

Looking at college football win totals, Oklahoma State has more wins over the past ten years than a surprising list of teams.

OSU has more wins in the last decade than does Georgia or LSU (95 each). More than Southern Cal (94) or Penn State (93). More than Florida (86) or Auburn (85). More than Texas (78) or Michigan (74).

That kind of success is why football is such a force on college campuses. [NewsOK]

Wow. Georgia, USC and Penn State! Somebody print that on a flyer for Mike Gundy to take on the recruiting trail.

Eastward Ho

Bobby A. talked with some Duke reporters on Jim Knowles’ recruiting prowess – and it was encouraging. First, on his capacity to turn over some new ground on the trail.

“Talk about some honey holes that he can go back to,” Harding said with excitement. “He has had tremendous success on the recruiting trail in the Northeast, looking at Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, this is a guy that is well respected in that area, and I think he will bring in a little diversity and variety to the targets that Oklahoma State will have on the horizon.” [GoPokes]

And concerning his general style of relating to folks:

Knowles is 52-years-old and he is from Philadelphia, Pa., so out of his comfort zone recruiting states like Oklahoma and Texas? Harding says he doesn’t think so. he thinks Knowles translates in recruiting anywhere.

“Jim Knowles is extremely likable and he is honest,” Harding started when asked the recruiting question. “He is going to shoot you straight. He is a real guy and you don’t get the feeling when he walks in the room of a used car salesman and I’m going to tell you what you want to hear. [GoPokes]

Spencer’s Georgia recruits fit into the culture just fine – can you imagine Matt Ammendola (kicker from Pennsylvania) explaining Stillwater to high schoolers from the Eastern Seabord?

OSU and NCAA Notes

Love that pro writers compare James Washington to Dez Bryant….Enjoy these Justin Phillips highlights – this guy’s gotta fit in the 4-2-5….Holliday showing continued optimism about baseball stadium getting done….Solid piece on Jim Knowles and a defensive coordinator moving into the Big 12

This is close to Charlie Weis status, no?

A reasonable conclusion – but it helps to have bench players (healthy).

That feels about right for this season.

Pokes landed a good looking PWO (likely) here.

This dude has a motor.

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