Daily Bullets (June 29): OSU’s New Voice, Hypothetical Interim Replacement?

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OSU Bullets

• Not only has this practically happened but at this point in time, I can’t imagine someone who embodies the voice of Oklahoma State better than Mike Boynton

• These comments generally from Berry Tramel on how serious the Gundy heat is are surprising… And this one remark on who his replacement (for any duration) would be was interesting.

Every day that passes is better news for Gundy that he could keep his job as the Cowboy head football coach, which he’s held since January 2005.

If OSU does make a change, associate head coach and offensive coordinator Kasey Dunn is considered the likely replacement, at least on an interim basis. [NewsOK]

• Reflecting on last Monday, how much was the Cade Cunningham news out of character for 2020?

It started June 5 when the NCAA handed down crippling sanctions on the men’s basketball program that threw a promising season into question. Then came a shirtstorm within the football program, dividing head coach and players and fans and leaving questions about the future that have yet to be answered.

So much promise for OSU athletics seemed to go poof.

But Monday morning brought a reprieve.

A 6-foot-7 ray of light. [NewsOK]

Cowboy linebacker Malcolm Rodriguez quarantined in a camper while he was positive for COVID

• PFB put this piece out on Friday about OSU’s situation with the NCAA and context on other appeals – good stuff

• OSU’s got Dickie V. on their side with the NCAA appeal.

• DFW’s been good for the Pokes.

Non-OSU Bullets

• I’m super intrigued by the Cam Netwon-to-Patriots’ move
• Finished this great book about introverts – incredibly valuable read for me as an extrovert. Enjoy this 20-minute TED talk if you’re not up for the read.
Science has benefitted from the peace and quiet around COVID-19

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