Daily Bullets (Mar. 14): Pokes’ Thrilling Early Exit, Get to Know Yor Anei

A big day around these parts – happy birthday to Mrs. Bullets and to the OG – Kyle Porter. May the day be full of happy toddlers and birdies, tacos and Tiger Woods news for each respective party, it’s well-deserved.

Bullets Rundown

• Closing out basketball in KC

• Yor Anei’s story growing up in KC

• Knowles all in on his cornerbacks


• Men’s BB: TCU 73, OSU 70
• MT: Tulsa 4, OSU 3

OSU Bullets

• Here’s the scoop on what happened last night in KC: a sluggish, cold-shooting first half followed by an unstoppable torrent of effort and activity in the second.

It was more of the same early in the second, a couple of made 3s ballooned TCU’s lead to 20 less than two minutes into the final frame. But the Frogs seemed to rest and their laurels and big lead, opening the door for the no-quit Cowboys to crawl all the way back from a 21-point second-half deficit.

Lindy Waters willed his team into contention over the final eight or so minutes, and freshman big man Yor Anei almost helped close the deal. [PFB]


While a game is never truly decided in a single play – the Dziagwa closeout (or lack thereof) on Bane was the final straw.

Regardless, this team fought back – a trait that differentiates them in my mind as a good team and not a bad one.

• After watching Yor Anei absolutely dominate the defensive end of the floor last night in the season finale, enjoy this read about Anei’s life – come for the Vic Williams’ role but stay for all of it.

The next day, they had a two-hour, perspective-shifting conversation in Williams’ gym around the corner from the two-bedroom apartment where Anei lived with his mother.

Tears filled Anei’s eyes. It was the beginning of a “big brother, little brother” relationship, as Williams described it.

“Yor, if I had a 6-10 kid for my AAU team, we’re gonna be great,” Williams said. “‘But the most important thing is that I change your life.” [O’Colly]

It’s a wonderful thing when sport gives reason to better another human’s life.

Jim Knowles raved about his veteran starting corners – Rodarius Williams and A.J. Green.

“I’m most excited about our secondary,” Knowles said. “We played a lot of young guys there last year, and you know, ‘school of hard knocks’. They had some tough experiences, but they are going to be light-years better and we have two great corners in my opinion.

“I think when you have two great corners, you have a shot. I think they are going to be some of the best in the league and in the country. When we can play two guys like that, I think we have a chance to be good in the secondary.” [TulsaWorld]

I’m on the “let’s see what Jim Knowles can do in three years” bandwagon but if the Pokes can put the corners on an island and free up a safety to help with run support, you could talk me into optimism.

•  I liked Boynton’s post-game comments that were put on social media. Emphasizing the responsibility of the current roster to lead the team and not just defer to the wave of young bucks is the right move.

• Enjoy a solid piece on Lindy Waters’ journey to beloved upperclassmen at OSU.

• You could see this coming a few days ago – pass rushers are a premium in the NFL, Ogbah will find another place to shine. 

Non-OSU Bullets

• This was fun project – looking at what grandmothers all over the world cook. The blessing of a hospitable grandmother is on the top five list of life blessings.

• Appreciated this faith-based article on a dream deferred by my favorite pastor’s wife

• Just finished this legal-thriller fiction read – Anything by an attorney-writer or a legal thriller is my literary guilty pleasure. A fun read – it was the sequel to The Lincoln Lawyer

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