Daily Bullets (March 6)

Bedlam for Big Dance?

Some think the Pokes are in regardless of Kansas City results (Jenni Carlson’s thoughts are noteworthy) but some would argue a successful bid isn’t complete just yet.

“I think nine teams from this league can get in,” Mike Boynton said Saturday after his Oklahoma State Cowboys finished their season sweep of Kansas.

Sorry, Coach. I applaud you for standing up for your league. I understand it. But there’s no way. The conference has never sent eight, let alone nine.

So let’s crunch selection committee formula, the numbers, down to something we all see plainly: Oklahoma State is the No. 8 seed at the Big 12 Tournament. Oklahoma is No. 9. The Cowboys and Sooners play at 6 p.m. Wednesday in Kansas City.

Winner take all? Winner to the NCAA, loser to the NIT? [TulsaWorld]

It’s hard for any of us to stave off biases about the Pokes but with a valiant showing in Kansas City it’d be hard to convince someone the Pokes aren’t playing their best ball at the right time of year.

Hard(ly) At It?

Hated reading these thoughts but HCS’ Pete Mundo had some thoughts on OSU’s big win on Saturday.

No doubt Saturday was a great win for the Cowboys, but when you dig deep into the game, Kansas had already locked up an outright Big 12 title. The Jayhawks were clearly not overly motivated to play this game.

It’s not meant to be an excuse for KU, but I would ask every Oklahoma State fan to honestly answer this question: had this game been played last Saturday, do you think the Pokes win by 18 points? [Heartland College Sports]

Yes and no. I’ve got a red-faced Bill Self with a toupee flying at half mast that says he cared. You can find a napping Devonte’ Graham somewhere in a multi-million dollar dorm that says he didn’t take the day off. But unavoidably – a title wasn’t on the line.

KU played not too dissimilar to the Cowboy Football team in November against K-State when TCU clinched their title game spot earlier in the day. Did OSU get an Alamo Bowl spot because the loss didn’t really matter? Nope. It’s a little bit of both but (I assume) it’s not going to a point of discussion when the committee meets next weekend.

OSU and NCAA Notes

NCAA modernizing the way it picks teams….Mark Cooper gives a solid blind resume test based on the committee’s quadrants for the Big Dance….NBA readying to step in on the one-and-done rule….Rational idea for letting college players be paid – first through endorsements….Pre-conference tourney bracketology has the Pokes out….Single Session tickets up for sale for men’s tourney in KC

Milwaukee’s best.

OU Football = Jayhawk Basketball = Cowboy Wrestling

March is here.

Tech locked up their man.

Gotta be the only Big 12 coach playing right?

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