Daily Bullets (March 9)

What Have You Done For Me Lately in October?

Mike Boynton put his finger very astutely on what’s shaping the minds of pundits – early snapshot judgments of teams.

“Part of this deal now is people confirming what they said back in October,” he said. “We were supposed to not be any good. So we’re not going to watch them for six months, and then, when they kind of seem like they’re good, they weren’t supposed to be good, they can’t be good.

So now that’s what happens is now they’re like, man, they have 19 wins and they won eight games in the Big 12, something must be up. Oh, they didn’t lose as many games as they could have. I’ve never heard that one before. [TulsaWorld]

A buddy mentioned OU can’t be left out because of all the Trae Young promos they’ve already filmed after he beat Oregon, USC and Wichita State out of conference. OSU could be left out because they beat four cupcakes instead of losing to Xavier and Wichita State five more times.

Ranking Rudolph

CBS broke down the top quarterback prospects and Mason Rudolph was held in high esteem – perceived best in… pocket movement?

At times, Rudolph held the ball too long and was sacked from behind on a chase-down pass rush. However, as he’s going through his progressions, he naturally steps into the pocket. He often showed an awesome shoulder dip as he looked downfield when edge-rushers tried to get their hands on him around the corner. He also can move laterally and usually maintains a wide base to throw after drifting inside the pocket. [CBS Sports]

He ran for his life over his first couple of years on the job – his underclassmen years prepared him well for that. But he ranked highly in loads of categories compared to his peers, a surprise given he’s talked about as the fifth guy in the last class generally.

Kansas City Dry (Spell) Rub

There are times when the shots are falling for the Pokes… and there are stretches (often at the end of the first half and into the second) where they aren’t.

A nearly eight-minute scoring drought consumed the Cowboys in the middle of the second half as they fell to top-seeded Kansas, 82-68, in the quarterfinals of the Big 12 tournament Thursday. The loss leaves the Cowboys squarely on the NCAA Tournament bubble. They will have to sweat it out until Sunday, unsure whether their season will prove worthy of an at-large bid into the field.

Facing the Jayhawks for the second time in six days, OSU (19-14) trailed the conference’s champs 52-50 after a Tavarius Shine jumper with just under 15 minutes to play. From there, the Cowboys missed nine straight shots, six of which came from 3-point range. [NewsOK]

While the minutes’ long drought has been a plague, Thursday embodied the struggle with shot selection. Cam McGriff and Kendall Smith (9 of 25 together) weren’t knocking down everything from every angle they threw it up and the blueblood finally had its way with the Pokes.

OSU and NCAA Notes

NIT bracket has OSU projected as a one-seed….Why Verne Lundquist won’t be calling tourney games this year….Four early questions on the 2019 College Football Playoff….Boynton played in the “manager league” games last year – can you imagine Keaton Page, Boynton and John Holcomb mixing it up?….WSJ says buying a “gameday house” in your old college town is a trend

Former Cowboy assistant (via time with Larry Fedora at UNC) headed to the Big Leagues.

Right down the lane!

Go camping with No. 2 in STW next month.

Get outta here Joey Brackets.

Somebody needs to fill in Bill in on 1945.

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