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Daily Bullets (Nov 15) – Perplexing Inconsistencies of Cowboy Football, More Snowflake Discussions

Steady Hands

The Cowboys have competed with the toast of the league (Red River Rivals) and faltered in the face of the middlings (Tech, ISU, Baylor, and K-State). One of these two things is unusual for Mike Gundy’s Cowboy teams.

These are mine: If the Cowboys are capable of a 640-yard response in a pressure situation like Bedlam, how on earth did OSU lose to Kansas State and Baylor?

If OSU is penalized only four times against Texas and only five times for 31 yards in Bedlam, what is the explanation for 12 penalties and 133 yards at Baylor? There is no explanation or justification for 12 penalties, ever.

Inconsistencies in motivation, focus and execution have wrecked Oklahoma State’s season. [TulsaWorld]

Inconsistency has plagued the Pokes this year, causing the Pokes to lose games that they’ve won on the regular. The capacity to compete with teams more talented says something about this team but playing down and finding ways to lose to teams they shouldn’t does too.

Noncommital Teens

In what’s shaping up to be the most pessimistic version of the Bullets, a non-OSU writer had some good points on Mike Gundy’s comments on the snowflakey youths of today.

Thinking pragmatically about your future makes you a snowflake in 2018, but it didn’t in 1986, when Gundy was beginning his college career.

You may know him as a former Oklahoma State quarterback and Cowboy lifer, but Gundy wasn’t that until he decommitted from rival Oklahoma.

It appeared the homegrown hero would be the next Sooner great, too, as National Signing Day neared and Gundy told The Oklahoman’s Bob Hersom, “I just like OU because of its great football tradition and because I get along real well with all of the coaches there.” Gundy committed to crimson.

In hindsight, it was the right move to be literally noncommittal when he was a teenager in the mid-1980s, just like it is for any Generation Z’er/millennial to consider their own best course of action now. That’s exactly what Gundy did in the ‘80s. He said in 2016 that he “felt like my best chance to get on the field early” was at Oklahoma State. [SBNation]

Let me first say I love Mike Gundy, greatly appreciate all he’s done for OSU, would gladly have him as the OSU coach through my kids’ lifetimes if he can find a fountain of youth. But the biggest problem with a lot of “kids these days” comments is the hypocrisy involved in the comment.

To his point, transfer rules are a lot more player-friendly and behaviors of 18 to 22-year-olds has changed since the 1980’s. But the concept of maximizing personal opportunities hasn’t.

OSU and NCAA Notes

How much did OSU pay UTSA, will OSU be paid for road games this winter?….Stop in here for your $80 lego-Boone Pickens Stadium….Three Cowboys got their letter of intent in yesterday….Big 12 football coaches could look really different next year….Houston running back the Pokes are after says Bama is the favorite

Sweet highlight reel here for Wallace:

Dana with fond memories of the Atherton and such.

I believe this makes Hank the OG.

Make sure and catch the Sunday matinee.

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