Daily Bullets (Oct 26) – Spencer Sanders Chatter, Mike Gundy: No. 12

Homecoming and Sanders

While I would lose my Dr. Pepper if Spencer Sanders ran out on the field at 7:05 tomorrow night, what are the obvious cons?

Alternatively, using a maybe-ready Sanders behind a weak OT tandem could be sacrificing a much better version of the player in 2022 in exchange for a few games in a down 2018. It’s worth noting that if Mason Rudolph wasn’t used in the last three games of 2014, there’s a good chance he’d be OSU’s starting QB right now.

Mike Gundy has a five year contract and probably isn’t thinking short-term here but you never know what things are like in their practices and what they might pull coming off the bye week. [Concerning Sports]

I still cling to the idea Porter espoused in last week’s pod – just don’t play him against TCU. But Gundy is more conservative than a ready-to-retire Baby Boomer sitting on a portfolio of T-bills and this is all probably a moot point.

The Glory Days

Given Mike Gundy’s affiliation with Barry Sanders and his flashy antics, would anything he does surprise us on Saturday?

Gundy, who served as the Cowboys’ quarterback that season, has a history of interesting apparel choices. He wore a singlet to promote an OSU wrestling dual. Earlier this year, he removed his sweatshirt to reveal a referee’s shirt to excite fans about the Cowboys “striping the stadium” against Boise State. With the Cowboys donning throwback uniforms this weekend, might Gundy gets his hands on one bearing the No. 12 he wore during his playing days?

“No comment,” said Justin Williams, OSU’s director of football equipment operations and the man behind the throwback uniforms. “I’m sure he wouldn’t be too upset if he did.

“It wouldn’t shock me if one happened to show up.” [NewsOK]

I’ll completely acknowledge I’m not as good at anything as Mike Gundy was as a player or a coach – but every time we see these hondo moments where Gundy jokes about his playing days, I just hear Uncle Rico talking about throwing over the mountains.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Matthew Wolff did something no other Cowboy golfer has….How spread offenses attack short yardage situations (skip the Belldozer section)….A little click-baity but fun list of OSU alumni you may not know of….Chaos could be lurking in CFB….Three Texas starters will miss the first drive Saturday (CC: Mike Yurcich)….Cowboy notes from Big 12 Basketball media days

Fun to watch Zac Robinson break down the game (except the part where he talks his Texas experiences).

A pretty meh week in Big 12 Football – West Virginia housed Baylor last night. Tech-Iowa State should be fun.

Not sure how gamesmanship figures into this but if a grade one sprain (that was floating around) was true, it’s reasonable.

Not that bad, all things considered. 3-2 when you take out the Sooners.

Shaq with some glowing words on Big Country:

Shaq says the toughest player to guard was Bryant Reeves, aka “Big Country” from r/nba

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How CIA spies use disguises:

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