Daily Bullets (Sept. 17): Justice on The Mondays, Cornelius = Klein (?)

You are Justice Hill. No. 15 is Monday. Let’s go!

No ….. 6?

OKC Dave may not sleep all week after seeing this …

At number six, though, is the new top team in the Big 12: Mike Gundy’s Oklahoma State Cowboys. The Pokes hosted a smoking hot Boise State, and while they benefited from a pair of blocked punts (a pretty unsustainable thing from a predictiveness standpoint), they also made life incredibly hard on a previously untouchable BSU defense. They’re now 19th in Off. S&P+ … and 14th in Def. S&P+.

We’ll see if they can maintain that, but early on, you could say Gundy’s hire of defensive coordinator Jim Knowles has been the most impressive of the season. [SB Nation]

I think we need to pump the brakes on Knowles (raises both hands) until, you know, he faces one team from the conference he was supposed to come in and help solve. But it’s hard to argue with these numbers. #factsonly.

QB Rush

Bill Haiston on Taylor Cornelius morphing from Alex Cate into Collin Klein is *chef’s kiss*

For several days, in whispers that emanated from Stillwater, there were indications something special might be installed for the Boise State date.

How would that look? Would it be a special package for Brown, the graduate transfer from Hawaii? Or maybe something that would involve freshman QB Spencer Sanders? None of the above. [Tulsa World]

Turns out it looked like a 6’6 QB running with, well I’ll let Clint Chelf take it away …

OSU and NCAA Notes

Yeah but that 1946 Army squad wasn’t what the 1945 one was … On the people in charge of OSU’s special teams … Gundy says Knowles is drawing up defenses on the sidelines … I do not like this 9-0 talk one little bit … Good FNL recap here for future Pokes … Big 12 teams are now 0-14 in Jerryworld in non-con games.

Uh … guys.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 9.18.12 PM.png

So strong.



How good is this photo from Jackson Lavarnway?


What You Missed on PFB

We tried something new this week to recap the game. Hope you like it …

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