Daily Bullets (Sept 18) – Cowboys National Stock is Soaring, Who to Blame for the Boise Win

Jimmys/Joes and/or X’s and O’s?

When considering what gave birth to Saturday’s taming of the Bronco herd, which can you blame more?

OSU beat Boise State because the Cowboys had Justice Hill and Jordan Brailford and the Broncos didn’t. Players make a difference.

But so do the players’ coaches.

OSU won because Mike Yurcich figured out a way around some of his offensive line’s shortcomings by running Taylor Cornelius some. In doing so, he figured out a way to maximize Cornelius.

The Cowboys won because Jim Knowles figured out a way to maximize Brailford, and the staff figured out a sieve in Boise State’s punt protection. [TulsaWorld]

I think it’s the chicken and the egg – Brailford was an absolute monster (countered perfectly by Bundage) and they’ve been setting up Cornelius for keepers over the last couple of weeks.

Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in the special teams film room when they realized the Boise punter caught the snap and then kicked it a day later? Maybe it was the minimal protection. But either way, redemption for special teams was on the way.

Stock Trending Up

Let’s all watch and enjoy as OSU’s Big 12-contending stock trends upward in the blogger-sphere.

 Not only was I expecting this to be a massive Boise win but I even related a story of urging someone who (foolishly in my estimation) had wagered on USC to hedge by betting on Boise State (and Iowa State).

I hadn’t watched Oklahoma State very carefully this season, only enough to know that Taylor Cornelius wasn’t Mason Rudolph but that the Poke skill talent is probably close to being good as it was in 2017. That was even more of a cementing of a previously held assumption than anything.

But Gundy had a couple of aces up his sleeve. The first was a QB option and RPO run game featuring big, gangly Cornelius that caused some real problems for the Boise defense. The second and perhaps bigger issue was a pressure package that moved the Pokes’ experienced DEs and LB Calvin Bundage around all over the place to absolutely destroy the Boise State protection schemes.

With a D that knows how to bring really smart and efficient pressures combined with a QB that has some skill to unlock the rest of this offensive talent, Oklahoma State just SHOT up in my internal power rankings of the Big 12.  [ConcerningSports]

Cowboys climbed into CBS’ Dennis Dodds’ top 15 as well – the Pokes have to survive as the favorites until Bedlam now.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Carlson on the narrative around OSU/OU’s non-conference opponents was fascinating….From Saturday – Tracin (NOT Tylan) Wallace has re-injured his knee, LD Brown expected back midweek….Don’t overlook the Pokes this season….Tramel has the Pokes at No. 2 in Big 12 ranks….The best college football teams from the 1990’s stink now

Wait for it… Gundy does love some blocking receivers.

Your heart breaks here – prayers for Marcus Smart on the recent passing of his mom.

Congrats to Amen on co-special teams player of the week.

OU reported around a million secondary violations across sports.

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