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Orange in Lubbock

CBS isn’t buying any narrative that the Cowboy offense is broken and they’re seeing a Cowboy win this weekend.

TCU was able to put a cap on Oklahoma State’s offense last week. Suffice to say I don’t believe Texas Tech’s defense is capable of doing the same.

Sure, the Red Raiders’ defense performed well against Houston last week, but the Cougars only scored 19 points against Arizona this season, and it’s possible Houston’s offense just isn’t that good. We may have been too quick to crown Oklahoma State a playoff contender, but it’s a lot better than Tech and will roll. Oklahoma State 45, Texas Tech 28 [CBS Sports]

I’d agree that positing Patterson’s brilliance and personnel to all Big 12 defenses is irrational – Pokes roll in a tough environment.

Questions Galore

Semi-succintly, here are the things that Holder, Hargis and Co. are likely discerning right now with the basketball program.

Do Holder and Hargis stand by their man in hopes of salvaging the 2017-18 basketball season, so critical to the program given the momentum from 2016-17? Do they stand by Boynton knowing it will prevent roster and recruiting upheaval?

Do they stand by Boynton because they like him personally and want him to succeed professionally, and are therefore inclined to believe him when he looks them in the eye and swears: “I knew nothing”?

Or is there even a tiny little part of them that keeps whispering: “He had to know something”? Is there part of them that dreads the possibility he, not Evans, will be dragged into U.S. District Court as OSU head coach? Is there part of them that dreads the fact that should that occur, the NCAA has just upped the ante on penalties? [TulsaWorld]

I hate all of this for Boynton – a hard working guy who seems to have the character and work ethic to succeed at a place like Oklahoma State. But boy if you’re Holder, you’d probably give back a chunk of your $640k to not deal with situations like this.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Ideas for change in college football….CBS’ Tom Fornelli’s rankings have the Pokes just outside the 25 – based on 2017 performance alone….Nike’s youth component was served a subpoena by the FBI….Brett McMurphy on a Group of Five playoff is interesting

Rickie and Justin Thomas got the US on the board at the Presidents Cup.

This Cyclone logo… would be way better in chrome.

Lane Taylor has made a place for himself in the pros.

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