Daily Bullets (September 6) – Quarterbacks Playing Catch Up, Should Kansas Drop to FCS?

Prep Course

Berry Tramel offers a compelling reason for why we didn’t see Dru Brown or Spencer Sanders last Thursday.

On the Big 12 coaches teleconference Monday, I asked Gundy why Wudtee was used, and he said Brown and/or Sanders would be used “when we know they’re ready to play. He (Wudtee) knows more about our offense.”

Gundy went on to talk about the redshirt considerations.

“We take all those factors in,” Gundy said. “How well we think they can play this early in their career. So each week, we’ll keep our reps the same, then have the guys ready if we need them.”

You’d think the mopup minutes of a 58-17 rout of Missouri State would be a good place to find out exactly what the new quarterbacks know. Or what they don’t. [NewsOK]

If Sanders and Brown arrived in January, would this be a different situation?

Keeping Brown’s redshirt makes sense if you feel strongly that Cornelius is far and away the better player. Otherwise, running out your horses and seeing who looks best is the most reasonable conclusion.

Contrasting Stories

After Mike Gundy said that Taylor Cornelius can make all the throws and Jim Knowles compared him to the lesser Manning, these words from Guerin Emig summarize the current narrative around Taylor Cornelius.

The two coaches see a lot more of the guy than the rest of us. They are in better position to make judgment calls on his potential and viability, even after the rest of us have seen him start his first game.

But we should all be excused for our touch of skepticism. Not just because we have seen Cornelius play a game, but because we have heard from authority figures who have seen him a lot more, and who are trying to tell us there is a lot more to him than what we saw on opening night. [TulsaWorld]

In reality, the truth is likely he’s better than we saw in his debut but lacking the capacity (either mentally or physically) to make “all the throws”.

OSU and NCAA Notes

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It was wild to see the Pokes trending for this stud running back yesterday.

Rickie’s back in action.

A must-have 40th bday gift for Cowboy fans.

See what Little Gundy and Switzer’s grandson – both starting quarterbacks at Oklahoma 6A high schools –  have to say.

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