Oklahoma State Figures as ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters

To start, spoiler alert.

Now that that’s out of the way, HBO’s “Game of Thrones” returns Sunday night. It’s the greatest show in television history, and if you haven’t seen it (like a few people at PFB), what are you doing? Friday night I was in bed thinking about similarities between Oklahoma State athletes and “Game of Thrones” characters (major dweeb, am I right?), and here is what I came up with.

 The Night King — Mike Holder

Just as the Night King raises the dead from the ground, Mike Holder raises his arms a facilities sprout up everywhere.

Boone Pickens Stadium, the Sherman E. Smith Training Facility, the Michael and Anne Greenwood Tennis Center, Neal Patterson Stadium, O’Brate Stadium — am I missing some? Probably. His icy walk as OSU’s athletic director started in 2005 and has broken down any walls in his way.

White Walker — Lindy Waters

Lindy Waters has ice in his veins.

Arya Stark — Samantha Show

Much like Arya Stark, Samantha Show can kill you in a lot of ways.

She leads the OSU softball team in hits, runs scored, home runs and RBIs. She also kills from the circle, leading the Cowgirls in complete games, wins, strikeouts and opponent’s batting average. Show transferred to Stillwater this season from Texas A&M, comparable to Arya’s time in Bravos honing her craft.

Khal Drogo — Chuba Hubbard

A lovable character from a foreign land who runs freely across the grass lands, Chuba Hubbard earned his title of Khal of the Cowboys’ running back horde after an impressive redshirt freshman season.

No word on if Hubbard will grown a long ponytail to flex his status.

The Mountain — Derek White

This one is self explanatory.

Do you want to mess with the Mountain? Nope. Do you want to mess with Derek White? Not a chance.

The Prince/Princess Who Was Promised — TBD

As the red woman Melisandre isn’t quite sure who the prince who was promised is (not Stannis), I’m not sure who OSU’s is.

Who will fulfill the prophecy? Is it Jon Snow? Daenerys Targaryen? Maybe it’s Sansa Stark or Gendry. Shoot maybe in some messed up world it’s Cersei Lannister. For OSU, could it be Spencer Sanders? It could be Dru Brown. It could be Viktor Hovland or Matthew Wolff. It could be Daton Fix. It could be Vivian Gray or maybe Grace Yochum.

Sanders’ claim to the throne is an easy one to see. He was brought to Stillwater as a highly touted recruit the season after one of the school’s all-time greats left that throne empty. Brown probably doesn’t have the mass amount of backing as Sanders, but if he earns the throne, he earns the throne. And you certainly can’t be mad at a guy from working his way up from the College of San Mateo (Flea Bottom) to QB1 at OSU (the Red Keep).

Hovland and Wolff are kind of like Jon Snow and Sansa Stark in that they feel like siblings, but I’m not sure who has more of a birthright to the North, I meant golf team. All the OSU faithful can hope is they get the job done together instead of turning on each other.

Fix came to OSU as a world-renowned warrior. In his redshirt freshman season, he finished a headgear grab away from the throne. In his first year in the kingdom, Fix won 35 battles and dropped only two.

Although her team struggled, sophomore forward Vivian Gray averaged 20 points a game, scoring on 42 percent of her shots. Her team might’ve hit some walls this season, but with leaders like Gray, it looks like a house on the rise.

Yochum scored four goals in her freshman season with the OSU soccer team. She hasn’t slowed down in the spring, having scored four of the Cowgirls’ nine goals in their spring schedule. Yochum’s squad struggled at the end of the regular season in 2018, but the group has a new castle and is unbeaten in the spring.


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