Reader Thoughts: Gundy-Gundy 2020 and a Nickname for the Tailbacks

I got some gems this week in my inbox. Let’s get right to work.

This may be a silly question – given the fact that Spencer Sanders would likely be starting his third season on campus for Gundy’s freshman year –but rate the potential of a Chris Simms over Major Applewhite or a Nathan Simmons over Jamal Fobbs situation in 2020? -Steve M.

I need a Gunnar Gundy-Brendan Costello QB controversy with Big Daddy Gundy in the heart of it like I need oxygen and nitrogen in my lungs.

You guys are looking for a nickname for the running backs what about “The Brumbies.” It is the term used for a group of wild horses in Australia. If any of you have ever watched the movie “The Man From Snowy River” you will understand. -Brent P.

Gundy’s Brumbies. That’s … pretty good.

Hey, did you happen to catch this – curious about your thoughts. I think it was in the 3rd quarter – South Alabama made a substitution on offense a bit late in the play clock which triggered the umpire to hold the snap and allow OSU to match.

Now, OSU has wisely been using that opportunity (like a lot of teams do) to send in fresh bodies, even when it’s not necessarily to match the new personnel, to slow the tempo down. On this play, OSU subbed 1 DL. The DL going out wasn’t exactly fast getting off the field, and by the time the ref gave the signal for the umpire to move, the play clock ran out and USA got a delay of game penalty. The USA coaches went nuts.

Now, the rule does state that if the offense makes a late substitution, that the defense would still get their opportunity to match, which could result in getting a delay penalty. My question is, why aren’t defensive teams actively using this rule to their advantage? There’s nothing that says how long the defense has to make the substitution or to get their players off the field.

I mean, I guess if it appears that you’re trying to milk the play clock that the ref could simply blow the play dead to have the play clock reset if he felt that the defense was trying to take advantage of the rule. But, I’d be curious how exactly the ref would handle the situation if he believed the defense was slowing things down on purpose.

I hadn’t seen where Gundy or anyone spoke about the issue (was at the game, so I didn’t get to hear if anyone on tv or radio commented on it), and I didn’t figure it got much attention anyways, being a delay penalty in the middle of a blowout.

Just curious if you think teams could “weaponize” this, in the same way that players fake injuries to slow down up tempo teams. Like, the players could act as if there’s confusion about who should be coming out or players could slow their jog off in hopes of giving the offense little to no time to snap the ball. -Ryan S.

This is pretty interesting. I think the problem here is that competent offenses sub right away after a play, or at least within a few seconds of a play being over. So the defense’s response would have to be drawn out for 10s of seconds to get near the delay of game penalty. Some of those big fellas might not be the fastest guys, but it would be egregious to take 19 seconds to run 22 yards. Can you imagine Darrion Daniels trying to achieve this?

I would think at some point the defense would get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, which wouldn’t be much different than about half of OSU’s other defensive plays. So yeah, if you face incompetent teams that don’t get subs on until late, I actually think there could be something there. But as long as offenses are keeping up, I don’t think there’s much you could do to affect the play.

Regarding Boise State — I haven’t seen them play, but I have read about them and have watched some of the videos out there breaking down their past two games. They are incredibly efficient on offense and it seems like their defense is pretty sound as well.

My concern is OSU’s ability to establish the run against them because I think that will be the key to both keeping Corndog out of high pressure situations and also keeping the ball away from Brett feakin’ Rypien. Those HBs are awesome but it won’t matter if they don’t have any space…

I’m also really excited to see the new defense against such a disciplined offense. They could easily take advantage of the Pokes’ overagression and that worries me.

Also, I noticed that Boise’s special teams isn’t very special either (sorry not sorry). Hopefully the Pokes will be able to take advantage of that like they haven’t been able to in a game since Texas 2016. My prediction: 37-31 Pokes. -Nathan C.

Good summary of how I think a lot of us feel this week. I brought this up somewhere — 10 thoughts or podcast maybe — but the concern for me is not OSU not being able to run. It’s what that means for the passing game. Last year when teams wouldn’t let them run, we were all fist pumping and clinking COOPs — you’re going to put the game in the hands of our second and third rounders throwing the pigskin all over the yard? Onto the next one! This year it’s more like …

Who knows, though. Maybe the law firm of Cornelius, Wallace and Johnson (™Kyle Cox) is the real deal, and maybe a talented defense is just flat out more athletic and faster and that overwhelms a disciplined Boise State offense. Maybe not. I find myself saying “maybe this or maybe not this” a lot this week, and that’s mostly because NOBODY HAS ANY IDEA WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN ON SATURDAY.

Which is half the fun of it, right?

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