The Rundown: Gundy on NFL Pokes, Left Tackle Competition and More

STILLWATER — We’re going to try something a little different.

This is the start of what we’ll call “The Rundown,” where we’ll go beat for beat on Mike Gundy’s media availabilities after they happen. The idea is to get you guys all of the information from the pressers as soon as possible, and it also serves as a nice breakdown for us as far as developing pieces of content off the topics discussed.

So, Gundy met with reporters Tuesday (17 days from Game 1). Here is all he touched on:

• Gundy said the team had Monday off but had a heavy practice Tuesday and will the next two or three days before having a day off. Then the Pokes get into a “tapered-down” schedule with school starting.

• “Not really anything to say up front different from what it was last time,” Translation: no quarterback has been named.

• The team had a 110-play scrimmage Sunday. He said the team got quality contact and stayed healthy while doing so. “We turned them loose and let them play, and we got some really good work.”

• Dru Brown has continued to get better through reps, as has Spencer Sanders.

• The concern for the two splitting reps without one getting the majority of preparation started last spring for him.

• “If you clearly have a player that’s better than the other, you play him. If not, you have to play both guys.” He added that history says you’ll end up playing both anyway, referencing his history of quarterbacks getting injured.

• Teams don’t use two quarterbacks by design anymore because there aren’t enough reps to go around.

• Both quarterbacks are getting better, understanding the offense more and making plays.

• He said the team is doing a good job running the ball, adding OSU hit a gold mine with new offensive line coach Charlie Dickey.

• “Six to seven” guys are rotating in on the defensive line. “There’s not enough difference to say one guy’s getting more reps than the other.”

• Redshirt freshman running back Jahmyl Jeter had a bit of an ankle issue that will keep him out a day or two. Dezmon Jackson, who had been limited this fall with a hairline stress fracture in his wrist, will be full speed next week.

• “Maybe not this year” on getting a freshman running back up to RB3.

• He said there isn’t a big advantage to having two quarterbacks if the two have similar play styles.

• He said his Jim Knowles is running the same schemes. The defense hasn’t changed anything, but Knowles should have a better feel for the conference in Year 2.

• Gundy said he doesn’t think the wide receivers catching from different quarterbacks is much of a factor. “You could probably ask them after a rep if they knew who threw that, and they probably wouldn’t.”

• He said Mike Scott is doing better and maturing.

• Gundy gets asked about Tracin Wallace’s new role. After mixing up Tracin and Tylan a few times, he says, “He’s working with all of them. He’s a student coach. He’s doing the same things our players are. He wants to get in this business. He’s helping our guys coaching. He’s a great young man and very knowledgeable.”

• Gundy said the overall talent in the program is just as good as it has been, the guys are just a little younger than in most years. He said at this time next year, they’ll be really excited about the defensive line.

• He said he got a list the other day that showed 27 guys are in the NFL right now from OSU. “That’s a bunch of guys; I didn’t realize that. … Maybe four or five of those guys get cut now, but we could very well have over 20 guys playing in the NFL this year. That’s a pretty good number for Oklahoma State.”

• Gundy said Dylan Galloway and Bryce Bray are both doing well in their battle for the left tackle spot. He adds Galloway is a little further ahead because of his in-game experience. “(Galloway) was an interesting player last year because when he got in and played, somebody got hurt, when he got in and played, he played better than he had always practiced. Which is a good thing.”

• Gundy on Bray: “He’s gonna be a player here eventually. He’s probably gonna start for three years.”

• He adds Dickey would need to be asked who he thinks would start between the two of them.

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