Top 10 Comments: On Bye Week Adjustments, Gundy and a Hideous Statue in Norman

PFB has proposed some changes to make during the bye week that might flip Oklahoma State’s season. But lets jump right into your thoughts over the off period with the the best comments of last week.

1. From Last Week’s Social Media Roundup

For a little context, you may remember the mounting negativity on social media during the Kansas State game two Saturdays ago. Several former Pokes took to Twitter to defend Coach Gundy, and the program, during a rough stretch.

CCowboy: Seaton is dead wrong. Loyal doesn’t equal blindly supporting or refusing to criticize a program in flames. Loyal doesn’t mean not attacking the coaches for being pigheaded or refusing to change. Loyal doesn’t mean not expecting better. Some fans think that they have to support every decision made or they aren’t ‘real fans’. That’s wrong. That’s what leads to complacency. Laziness. That’s what gets us to another lost season this year. Those who are angry or upset or demanding more aren’t ‘disloyal’. If anything, they clearly care more than those howling ‘loyal and true’ and refusing to admit that anything is wrong. (19 upvotes)

CCowboy makes a few good points. Frustration doesn’t mean disloyalty. It can actually show how much someone cares. Disloyalty can be shown, however, through severe dips in attendance during a rough spell. And as one who has attended OSU basketball games over the last several years, I can say loyalty could have been called into question a few times during the latter years of the Ford era, that’s for sure.

2. During Gundy’s last press conference, QB Reps Hadn’t Changed Much

Zombie Willham: “Nobody wants to be successful more than him. He’s doing a good job and handling himself the right way.”

Nobody wants a Ferrari more than me. (16 upvotes)

I chuckled at this one.

3. On the Bye-Week Checklist

Zombie Willham: Send Yurcich a copy of the current roster with a note saying he no longer has Rudolph, Washington, and Ateman, so he might consider building a game plan around the players he actually has and the skills they actually possess. (14 upvotes)

The pushback I would offer here is that while individual game plans may have room to change from week to week, a general scheme must remain in tact over a span of several years in order to have a successful offensive program. Oklahoma State can’t play like Texas Tech while Mason Rudolph is here, and then turn around and become the Army Golden Knights the following year without him. Consistency is imperative for youthful players to develop into the overall offense for future years. Its hard to be frustrated with where OSU has been offensively under Gundy.

With that said, please please give Justice Hill more than 11 touches against Texas on Saturday.

4. YES! A Boynton Comment!

OSU Student: Boynton is on Fire right now. He’s in the front seat, campaigning his personality all over stillwater and aggressively playing to win, while Gundy sits in the backseat, playing not to lose.(11 upvotes)

Boynton landed another big-time commit in top-100 product Marcus Watson. Watson is a lengthy perimeter player who will bring some serious athleticism to Stillwater.

5. On Gundy’s Open Door Policy

Zombie Willham: At $5 million per year, it’s not a good look to be crowd-sourcing your coaching. (10 upvotes)

Zombie was on one last week! But here, I disagree. Gundy’s comments on the team’s struggles before the K-State loss garnered strict scrutiny, and those comments seemed to be more reserved, as if he had it all figured out himself. At least here he acknowledges that there is a problem and that he is open to suggestions.

6. On, you guessed it …

Chris Stover: Yeah it will look horrible against Texas if we trot out Cornelius again. Our first 3 and out and people will boo mercilessly. I don’t want that to happen but I’m realistic that it will. Only way not to is play Dru Brown or heck try Wudtee for a game if you’re worried about QB controversy. To not play Sanders last 4 games would be completely idiotic. (10 upvotes)

My attention will be locked on the crowd’s reaction to Corndog’s play against the Horns this week.

7. On the Hideous Longhorn Statue Thrown up in Norman


Frank Eaton: I love it! That’s probably the least creative, attractive, and visually pleasing sculpture I’ve ever laid eyes on. No university deserves it more than ou. (10 upvotes)

Bad … Just … Bad …

8. Cowboy Commit Demarco Jones suffered a season-ending injury

CowboyinKansas: That sucks! Hope he heals well and can rock and roll for us next season. Best of luck to him in rehab and recovery. Shoulder injuries are no fun (9 upvotes)

Hate to see an injury for anyone, especially a future Cowboy. Jones is a 2019 product out of Booker T. Washington, and he suffered a shoulder separation two Fridays ago against Sapulpa. He will miss the remainder of the season, but hopefully regain full-strength soon after.

9. Three-Kyle Weave – Could it get any worse?

Scott Owens: Based on Gundy’s inane comment on Freshman getting hurt and then watching this season unfold can you imagine the QB recruit out there that KNOWS he is good enough to play as a freshman as long as he gets a FAIR shot thinking well that’s one school I can rule out b/c there’s not a chance of me playing right away? Even if he really believes that what an idiot for stating it in public. Do you think SS would be wearing Orange and Black if he heard that last year? (8 upvotes)

First, I want to see Spencer Sanders as bad as most fans. He has serious talent, and I’m hopeful it will get utilized sooner, rather than later. However, I don’t think it would have changed anything regarding Sander’s college decision. Here’s why.

Out of all positions on the football field, the QB needs to have the greatest amount of repetition and maturity. Yes, sometimes freshmen QBs walk into a program and have immediate success like Lamar Jackson did at Louisville. However, the more preferable scenario is for a QB to have a year of learning the offense while adjusting to the speed of the game. Think about it this way. Would a top recruit still join a top program if it meant watching a previous Heisman winner run the offense for a year? (ie — Kyler Murray) Of course.

For OSU, the frustration isn’t that Sanders is sidelined. It’s that the current captain of the ship has allowed it to take on water.

10. Film Look – OSU Should use more Multi-back Formations

Les Miles: Conclusion? Stop being so predictable with Hill and get your other talent involved in both the running and passing game. You can reach your goals safer going 75 mph instead of taking the risk of totaling your vehicle going 100 mph. There is nothing wrong with slowing down and demoralizing a defense 4-5 yards at a time. (K State has a history of doing it all the time) (7 upvotes)

I am all for the multi-back formations. So, I like your suggestion, Les. However, the O-Line has struggled to get any push up front in Big 12 play, and having a push is essential to slowing down and pounding the rock 4-5 yards at a time. The solution I propose is to get the backs swinging out of the back field and into the flats. This would open up slants and digs from your slot and outside receivers, while seeming to accommodate the pace Corn is comfortable with.

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