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Daily Bullets (Aug.19): QB Leashes, Was Sean Gleeson NFL-Bound?

Bullets Rundown

• Most important defensive coordinator quality
• What happens after the QB race is decided
• Was Gleeson headed to be an NFL coach?

OSU Bullets

• Jim Knowles’ resume tells us he’s a smart guy that can figure out how to shut down offenses – therefore he deserves a benefit of the doubt that he’ll be able to adapt in Stillwater. But is finding a guy familiar with the style of offenses in the Big 12 more important than finding the most experienced defensive coordinator out there?

There’s also perhaps another learning curve for Jim Knowles in trying to figure out how to configure his defensive front to protect his backfield. Gundy’s strategy of looking to hire a DC that had had success without access to great resources was smart, but you wonder if he really needed to hire a DC that could handle modern spread Os. [Concerning Sports]

I like that Gundy goes outside of the time zone to find guys with a unique perspective, something different than the same old, same old.  But maybe speaking the local dialect of the spread offense is more important.

• As the quarterback race will most assuredly find some sort of conclusion by the end of non-conference play, Cowboy alum and Stadium reporter Brett McMurphy had a unique question about the QB race.

“I’m more interested in seeing after the decision is made, how patient Gundy will be? Will he have a quick hook and replace the guy in there or will he allow him to stay in there and play through mistakes? Gundy could just put the other guy in and see if he can pull things out,” hypothesized McMurphy. “I’m interested in seeing how that plays out.” [GoPokes]

Will it be like the Mississippi State game in 2013 where Clint Chelf got the nod but JW Walsh appeared to be the preferred option as Chelf was pulled during a slow start? I think that ends up being the case.

• The degree to which offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson was “an unknown” appears to have been a relative term – assuming “an unknown” could be true of someone talking with an NFL team.

Whereas he fully admits to having never heard of Yurcich prior to his own Internet search, Gleeson, 34, had already developed a reputation in the coaching community. Princeton’s innovative offense averaged an FCS-high 47.0 points per game en route to a 10-0 season last year. At the time Gundy first contacted him, he said, Gleeson was meeting with newly hired Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

“Sean wasn’t as big a secret as what people thought,” Gundy said. “I have access to everything on (video) now. I can go on there, pull every game up from Princeton.” [The Athletic]

• I love this noise I’m hearing about Devin Harper’s little brother coming in and playing as a true freshman

• 1) I’m a big Gundy fan
2) OSU’s conference record over the last five years is good but not great as I expected.

Non-OSU Bullets

• Godin nails it here with a great thought on leadership

• Interesting to differentiate between being frugal and “a cheapskate”

• The triumphs of “firstborn” children – interesting even from the perspective of the “middle child”

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