Daily Bullets (April 22)

 Catching More Flies with Honey

In a prototype offseason piece, the TulsaWorld looked at how the three head football coaches in the state discipline their players.

“Have you ever read General (George) Patton’s book?” (Mike) Gundy asked. “He was a firm believer that discipline is not as strong without profanity, that by being loud and boisterous and using profanity, it got the message across better than when you didn’t. Is there some truth to that? Probably.

“But with these kids, they’ve only known to have a phone in their hand. These kids, I don’t think, buy into all of that. I think they shut you off and they don’t care. They don’t wanna hear it.”

Gundy has three sons. The oldest is the same age as some of his players, the middle boy the same age as kids he is recruiting. He speaks from experience as both a coach and a parent.

Here is what he has figured out: “I don’t have a lot of use for yelling at or cussing and berating kids.” [Tulsa World]

Gundy has figured out how to relate to the younger generation – and barking down their throat is not likely to be ideal.

Truth Serum

A South Carolina newspaper didn’t have to twist Mason Rudolph’s arm to get his thoughts on local schools that didn’t offer him.

Back when Mason (Rudolph) was in high school, he understood why Clemson didn’t pursue him. They had Deshuan Watson at the helm and look how well that turned out for them. But, the University of South Carolina on the other hand is a different story.

“Clemson obviously had their guy committed. I didn’t feel bad about that, but I did always want to play against South Carolina, whether it was in a bowl game or by the grace of God we would get them in a pre-conference game and beat the crap out of them, which I know we would have,” Rudolph told The State. “I think if you asked Steve (Spurrier) about that he would have liked to make a different decision, but he didn’t like me for whatever reason back then and hey, it worked out… No problem in my eyes. I don’t hold grudges, I just definitely keep a chip on my shoulder.” [Go Poke$]

Tell us what you really think, Rudolph. Now that spunk and chip on his shoulders can only help him in the league but it should be qualified: it doesn’t hurt that Jadeveon Clowney was gone by the time Rudolph took over in 2014.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Bedlam brothers will figure in greatly for golf’s national title….Cowboy Carson Teel joins other Big 12 players on midseason watch lists….What would happen to the Big 12 football race this fall if Kyler Murray goes pro?….See where Rudolph, Washington, and Ateman get picked in this PFF Rookie Fantasy Draft….Thought this was a good OSU football recruiting update from Diehards

I can get behind this.

Impressive catches, part one. Give me this No. 85 all day in the spring game.

Give me the Tony Allen pre-game show before all Cowboy Basketball games (keep Dave on the post-game of course).

Talk about a coaching tree.

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