Daily Bullets (Jan. 15): Marcus Watson Not Done (Yet), 2020 = 2011 or 2017?

How would you like to be the student who applied to be an assistant baseball coach the same year Robin Ventura did?

Bullets Rundown

• Don’t put a pin on Marcus Watson situation (yet)
• 2020 Football more like 2011 or 2017?
• Solid projection for Cowboy Basketball into the 20s

OSU Bullets

• I’m not sure if it’s worth holding out hope but Mike Boynton says it’s not over yet with freshman Marcus Watson.

OSU coach Mike Boynton said everything is still being determined.

“I don’t know if this thing is final,” Boynton said Monday afternoon before practice. “He hasn’t gone to another school. He hasn’t started classes somewhere else. So, I still think we’re in a little bit of a holding pattern.

“We can’t use his scholarship now, so we’re not going to replace him at this point.” [NewsOK]

You know how they do the All-NFL retired team each year? At some point, we could have a former Cowboys under Boynton team. Here’s a mildly researched roster:

Point guard: Zack Dawson, USF
Shooting guard: Michael Weathers, Texas Southern (last we heard)
Small forward: Davon Dillard, Shaw
Power forward: Maurice Calloo, Indian Hills
Center: Kentrevious Jones, McNeese State
Sixth man: Marcus Watson?

• I loved this question from 5 Thoughts on Chuba Returns – is 2020 Cowboy Football more like 2011 or 2017? 

That 2011 team had a great returning defense, and nearly won it all. The 2017 version — despite playing maybe the best Bedlam game of all-time — probably disappointed just slightly. This 2020 one will have a really good defense (we think!) at its back and myriad weapons to let Sanders deal.  [PFB]

Probably the biggest differentiator will be Big 12 title chances – do we think this team can get there? If so – then they’re more like 2011.

They do seem to be more like 2017 at their core, right? Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon have these are the best guys we’ll see written all over them while Mason Rudolph and James Washington were incredible – NFL guys to be fair – but lacked that killer instinct where it mattered (apologies to the 2017 Pitt Panther team left for dead).

I’ll cop out for now and say we’ll know more halfway through the season. Do they barely survive or do they just maul teams?

• This, unfortunately, is a great projection for Cowboy Basketball into the 2020s.

Prediction: The Cowboys continue to be a mediocre program in the Big 12. Maybe Cunningham can do in one year what Marcus Smart failed to do in two years – produce enough success to build momentum for future teams – but it seems unlikely. The Big 12 is getting tougher by the year. Just keeping up to present standards won’t be easy. Henry Iba and Eddie Sutton remain the only OSU basketball coaches who have maintained success. [NewsOK]

Last week, Porter talked about how Cowboy Basketball best compares with Longhorn Football and I agree – a great coach can find high levels of success with the infrastructure, but the reality that a coach is in town doesn’t automatically make them successful.

• I agree that OSU/Texas was one of the top ten games in the Big 12 this year – might throw OSU/Iowa State in there too.

• A late congratulations to Cowboy alum Brett McMurphy on college football beat writer of the year – fun that he even had the brand on his trophy ball.

• Still impressed by how Gundy called the plays Monday night.

• Such a fun “what if” here – if Jimmy Johnson lands Troy Aikman in Stillwater then…

Non-OSU Bullets

• Why you wake up the same time every night (in the middle of the night)
• How government agencies come up with codenames
• Interesting insights on “Success and Perception”

Favorite national title game tweet:

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