Daily Bullets (July 1)

Breaking Through

In a fantastic piece by an OSU alum submitted to NewsOK, data analysis showed what’s been parsed out in recruiting for Oklahoma State Football over the last ten years.

“The upper echelon of recruiting schools acquire the majority of top talent in college football. Even with its run of success, Oregon barely squeaks into Tier 2. There is a finite number of elite recruits and it will be very difficult to consistently wrestle top talent away from the top recruiting schools.

“OSU definitely has the recent pedigree and facilities, but will continued to be hampered by a lack of long-term cache and being somewhat isolated geographically from the deepest pools of talent. [NewsOK]

Breaking through to the top tier takes years of accruing top 25 cache but the geography stuff was interestingly debated by Tramel in the article. Oklahoma State has done a wonderful job of developing talent over the years but I think what everyone wants is to see a handful of three stars swapped out for a handful of four stars every year.

Doing the Math + Bonus Update

GoPokes updates fans on what kind of numbers to expect from the current recruiting class and fills in the freshman that decided to leave school early.

At the end of this season, barring any scholarship players transferring or leaving, there will be eight scholarship seniors leaving on offense. On the defensive side, I count seven departing seniors and punter Zach Sinor is the lone senior among the specialists. That brings the total to eight more. Then you will have to factor in any attrition along the way such as Latu Maile, who has left the team in early summer. [GoPokes $$$]

There you have it – a smaller class with eight on each side of the ball. And after adding the younger Maile late in the class, the family connection will end as the juco lineman headed out of town.

(Inconceivably) More Good than Harm

The fat lady hasn’t sang over Mike Holder’s career yet and that’s a good thing for Oklahoma State Athletics.

Holder’s tension with Gundy is no small thing. It just doesn’t detract from the bigger picture of Holder’s productive past 15 months or that OSU should anticipate another 15 provided the soon-to-be 70-year-old AD doesn’t lose his verve.

“At my age, you have to think about it,” Holder told Cooper when the topic of retirement came up. “You realize you’re closer to the end than the beginning, absolutely. But there’s not much else to do. I like to work.”

It shows. It’s in OSU’s best interest that he continue to do so. [TulsaWorld]

The third time was a charm on the basketball hiring front and re-upping Boynton and Mike Gundy were OSU-flavored wins. Wrapping up the finishing touches on the soccer stadium and breaking ground on the new baseball field is progress where it’s not guaranteed.

I agree that some delivery may be off but it’s not just the football program in its golden age, the athletic department as a whole may be seeing it’s prime.

OSU and NCAA Notes

A fascinating look at college athletics revenue changes here from Forbes – highlighting Texas A&M and Mizzou vs. old Big 12 foes….Stumbled onto (and enjoyed) this Big 12 podcast previewing 2018 Big 12 football….How quarterback transfers are impacting college football….What a 2017 college football World Cup would look like (intro here and group stage where Pokes advanced)

The vantage point of the AD isn’t looked at enough.

Boynton picked a good year to take the guys overseas – lots of new faces. NewsOK has a piece out detailing it.

Dreamsicle Rickie for the (uni) win.

Really neat that folks who don’t have any interest in seeing Oklahoma State succeed have such great things to say about Boynton.

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