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Beer at the Boone

Berry Tramel took a long look at the ethos around selling beer in college football stadiums prompted by the news out of Stillwater last week.

Too much revenue to be made. Too many people enticed to the stadium, in an era when getting butts in the seats is a constant battle against the technological comforts of home. Too much criticism of elitism, since many schools sell alcohol to high-rollers in skyboxes but not to the great unwashed sitting under the sky.

But hypocrisy comes in many flavors. And universities have just shifted the hypocrisy.

At a time when binge-drinking on college campuses is a major scourge, and reprehensible behavior fueled by alcohol is the sum of all administrators’ fears, it seems a little disingenuous for universities to endorse consumption at ballgames.

I know, I know. Plenty of statistics abound to show that drunkenness has decreased in stadiums that serve alcohol. The theory goes that instead of binge-drinking at tailgates, fans spread it out more, knowing they can imbibe during games. [NewsOK]

The motive here isn’t to serve the in-stadium population equitably – serving to the club and suites but not to the rest – but revenue capturing with a side order of justification in that it decreases alcohol abuse.

But to his point, the first time I saw a student carrying a six-pack across Library Lawn on Gameday highlighted the interesting paradox of college sports in America –  there are rules and then there are rules around college sports.

My Kind of Prediction

In what appears to be one of the rosier outlooks for this rebuilding/reloading Cowboy Football team, an Oklahoma media personality predicted a really nice outcome for 2018 Cowboy Football:

Steely: “Spencer Sanders starts to live up to the all the hype that Mike Gundy promised. Sanders rescues the Cowboys for a win in the Boise State game. The Cowboys start 7-0, then lose to Texas, OU and TCU to finish a very respectable 9-3.” [TulsaWorld]

OSU and NCAA Notes

Good summary of Gundy’s Media Day comments from old PFB friend Matt Harris….Buy your Big 12 Football Champ Game tickets on Friday….Three schools that way overspend to be competitive in college sports….The UAB turnaround is pretty wild….Interesting to see how guys like Holgorsen handle not calling plays

Let’s record Justice Q&A’s with Barry, Thurman, and some of the Les Miles, early Gundy backs.

What a jokester.

I know they say it’s hard to stop once you start getting bigger and bigger but it’s hard to argue for bigger than eight.

This Gundy Q&A over recruiting was great – “He’s busy… and I’m busy raising farm animals.”

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