Daily Bullets (Mar. 6): Mike Gundy > Matt Campbell, Bill Self: Top Five Ever?

Thanks to Boone for the solid timeline for March Madness approaching.

Bullets Rundown

• Kalib Boone’s emergence
• Corndog amongst his XFL-peers
• B12 Tourney – when OSU plays, who will finish No. 1?


• BB: Pokes 2, BYU 0
• MT: Pokes 4, Cal 1

OSU Bullets

• One of my favorite late-season storylines in Stillwater has been the emergence of Kalib Boone – the guy just gets on the floor and creates value.

…(a)long with Dziagwa’s 11, Kalib Boone chipped in nine points in 17 minutes off the bench. He also grabbed two rebounds and a block.

But that stat line doesn’t do the freshman justice. No. 22 was all over the court. He dove for loose balls, was disruptive on defense and made three of his four free throws. He might never be the best player at OSU, but he can be a really good one on a good team. I can’t wait to see what he looks like next year and beyond. [PFB]

Cox did a good job of quantifying something there – just being a winning ballplayer. He’s sort of the opposite of the guy that has to score points to contribute. Look at these numbers:

Power rankings hold Taylor Cornelius as the fourth best starter in the XFL – but point to the Vipers’ burgeoning run game as a plus. Cornelius may be able to make a career out of quarterbacking offenses with a solid run game (i.e. game management).

• Here are some fun tidbits as the Big 12 men’s basketball season wraps up – when OSU plays and how Kansas can be unseated included.

(Saturday’s Games:) OU at TCU, OSU at Texas, Kansas at Texas Tech, Baylor at West Virginia and Iowa State at Kansas State.

OSU and Iowa State are locked into the 8-9 game, at 6 p.m. Wednesday in Kansas City. K-State is the No. 10 seed.

The top two seeds will be determined Saturday. If Kansas loses and Baylor wins, the Bears are the No. 1 seed. In all other scenarios, KU is the No. 1 seed, with Baylor No. 2. [NewsOK]

I like playing that 6pm over the late game on Wednesday. Pokes should hope Baylor closes out the title, an easier draw in KC than the Jayhawks if OSU makes it to round two.

Marcus Smart was fined $35k for “abusing” an official

• Ragusa on the WR screen game under Gleeson was terrific

Bill Self will go down as one of the top five college coaches of all-time, right? Wooden, Kryzyzewski, Dean Smith are untouchable. But I’m not sure after that.

Couldn’t laugh at this take by The Athletic more – Matt Campbell is riding Brock Purdy and his DC’s strategy to a Big Ten job but he can’t sell upside forever.

Non-OSU Bullets

• Here’s some solid NCAA tourney research from 538

• All I can think about looking at Pharell’s multi-million home (for sale) is how many stairs my kids would trip and fall on – wouldn’t even be fun to live there

• This “pantry project” idea appeases two of my stronger desires: being frugal and utilizing space better

Liked the bit on this Ringer piece where the Thunder are the “surprise team of the (third) quarter”

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