Daily Bullets (Nov 11) – Morning-After Bedlam Thoughts

One for the Ages

While Taylor Cornelius is far from the ballyhooed-blue chip that Kyler “The Flash” Murray is, the duel last night was one for the ages.

Combined passing yards! Murray and Cornelius kept things going, and both finished with big games, though cooled off from their hot first half starts.

Murray finished the game 21-of-29 with 349 yards and a touchdown. Cornelius finished the game 34-of-53 with 501 yards and three touchdowns. Had he gotten that 35th completion on their two-point conversion attempt, we would be talking about the Sooners being out of the Playoff. [SB Nation]

Cornelius had himself a field day driving an offense that left scorch marks up and down Owen Field. The numbers don’t add up to the infamous Mahomes-Mayfield 2016 duel but still provided plenty of theatrics for the state of Oklahoma.

Sunny Side of a Tough Day

For a team that was given generally (and wrongly) similar odds to win as Kansas has of hiring away Nick Saban, the Pokes made quite a splash in Norman yesterday.

Taylor Cornelius passed for 501 yards – FIVE-HUNDRED AND ONE – an OSU Bedlam record and the third-most passing yards ever by a Cowboys quarterback.

Tylan Wallace toyed with the Sooner secondary, turning 10 catches into 220 yards and two touchdowns, the second with 1:03 remaining to give the Cowboys a shot at winning. (More on that later).

Tyron Johnson produced his best game as a Cowboy, catching a game-high 11 passes for 128 yards, with a circus catch for a score.

Chuba Hubbard, taking over for an injured Justice Hill, enjoyed a breakout with 104 yards and three TDs on 22 carries.

The OSU defense got some stops, too, forcing three punts and sacking Kyler Murray three times, no easy feat. Kenneth Edison-McGruder struck for two of the sacks and totaled 12 tackles, matching Malcolm Rodriguez for game-high honors. [GoPokes]

While the lingering feelings will be around the roll-right to hit Wallace in the flat, that Wallace catch on fourth-and-12 had me feeling the ups and downs of a hormonal teenager.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Tramel’s gamer on Bedlam was solid….You really hope this report of KU talking with the exiled Maryland coach is untrue (AD indirectly denied the rumor)….Weird to know Cam McGriff is the elder statesmen on the basketball team….Bests and Worsts from Bedlam….Pretty amazing FCS-level comeback from yesterday, down 31-0

Fun moment last night when Tyron Chris Carson’d this Sooner DB.

Boynton on the other tough Cowboy loss last night:

Texas finally got revenge for the Crabtree catch.

Bowl eligibility update: TCU not looking great.

Starring on the list of fan bases that would be harder to be a part of than OSU this year: pig sooie.

or being a BYU fan.

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